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Research Papers

The Current State of Archaeology in Palestine Full text PDF
Hamdan Taha
Repatriating Palestinian Patrimony: An Overview of Palestinian Preparations for Negotiations on Archaeology Full text PDF
Gabriel Fahel
Archaeological Heritage and Related Institutions in the Palestinian National Territories 16 Years After Signing the Oslo Accords Full text PDF
Salah H Al-Houdalieh
What Matters? Considering the Future of Cultural Heritage in Palestine Full text PDF
Nazmi al-Jubeh
Palestinian Archaeology: Knowledge, Awareness and Cultural Heritage Full text PDF
Ghattas J Sayej
The Palestinian–Israeli Draft Agreement on Archaeological Heritage Full text PDF
Adel H. Yahya
Contested Management of Archaeological sites in the Hebron District Full text PDF
Ahmed A Rjoob
The Citadel of Jerusalem: A Case Study in the Cultural Appropriation of Archaeology in Palestine Full text PDF
Mahmoud Hawari
Looting and ‘Salvaging’ the Heritage of Palestine Full text PDF
Adel H. Yahya
Destruction of the Cultural-Archaeological Landscape in the West Bank Full text PDF
Mazen Iwais, Shafeeq Shabaneh, Waleed Rimawi
'Keys of the Past: Keys to the Future' - A Critical Analysis of the Construction of the Palestinian National Museum Policy as an Alternative Deconstruction of Routinised International Heritage Discourse Full text PDF
Beverley Butler
Structural Violence as Political Experience in Palestine: An Archaeology of the Past in the Present Full text PDF
Maria Theresia Starzmann
Imperialist Networks: Ancient Assyria and the United States Full text PDF
Reinhard Bernbeck
The Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict: the Cultural Property Protection Officer as a Liaison Between the Military and the Civil Sector Full text PDF
Friedrich T Schipper, Holger Eichberger
Preparing for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and Natural Disaster: Developing New Dimension Standards for Sheltering Moveable Objects Full text PDF
Holger Eichberger
Authoritarism and Archaeology in Portugal Full text PDF
Leandro Infantini, Rita Poloni
The Next Generation: Students Discuss Archaeology in the 21st Century Full text PDF
Ashley Sands, Kristin Butler


Editorial Full text PDF
Brian Hole
The Future of Palestinian Cultural Heritage Full text PDF
Lynn Dodd, Ran Boytner

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